About Us

Founded in 1940, Allingham Corporation has established itself as the most reputable and dependable source for crane and air compressor rentals through the metro Detroit and surrounding areas. We were founded on a vision, strong business principals, two pieces of equipment, and four employees. The vision was that the future pointed to a need for mobile cranes that could move over streets and highways, on rubber tires, to solve lifting and material handling problems. The business principals were that a company could prosper if it made a policy of delivering the best possible service at the most economical price.

Our vision was accurate and our principals held strong. Today we have over 150 cranes and air compressors in our fleet. We are the largest privately owned company in the United States that specializes only in the rental of cranes and air compressors. We operate out of a 15,000 sq. ft. service facility and 2,000 sq. ft. parts department. Call us old fashioned, but we still believe a smile and a handshake are the best ways to do business.

Larry Allingham

larry allingham
Larry Allingham is the Chairman/CEO of Allingham Corporation. He began working under his father, Clifton, after he graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in business. Larry started his career at Allingham in 1975 and in 1999 he purchased the company from his father. He and his wife, Anne, have four children. Three of his four children have joined him at Allingham Corporation. He is a devoted family man, and an honest and fair business man. He treats his employees as if they are family, and because of that he has some of the most loyal and trustworthy men and women working for him. His motto is “Excellence Through Service”.

Jeff Allingham

jeff allingham
Jeff Allingham is the oldest son of Larry Allingham. He attended Michigan State University where he was a member of the lacrosse team and captain his senior season. Jeff also coached lacrosse for 8 seasons at his high school. Jeff has been working at Allingham Corporation for over 10 years and has learned much from his father and grandfather Clifton, about how to run a family business. Jeff is President of Allingham Corporation and hopes to continue building on Larry and Clifton’s legacy.