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Air Compressors
Compressor Size
185 CFM Diesel
375 CFM Diesel
800 CFM Diesel
1300 CFM Diesel
1600 CFM Diesel
1800 CFM Diesel
900 CFM Diesel Oil Free
1500 CFM Diesel Oil Free
*800 CFM/150 HP Electric
*1200 CFM/300 HP Electric
*1600 CFM/350 HP Electric
*Please Check with us for electrical requirements on Electric Compressors.

Air Hoses
Hose Length
3/4" X 50'
2" X 25'
2" X 10'
Air Manifold
500 Gal. Fuel Tank
1000 Gal. Fuel Trailer
2400 CFM Air/Oil Separator
5000 CFM Air/Oil Separator
Air Cooled Aftercooler - 1800 CFM - 120 V
Air Cooled Aftercooler - 1800 CFM - air powered
-40º Dryer/Cooler combo - 1800 CFM - air powered
Electric Fuel Pump for Fuel Trailer

All our compressors are available at hourly, weekly and monthly rates.

Our rates include oil and filter changes required during normal usage. Customer will supply fuel, check and maintain fluid levels, provide insurance and see that the machines are not damaged. Machines are delivered full of fuel, upon return if machines require fuel the customer will be invoiced at prevailing rates. 24-Hour Emergency Service

All our compressors are available at hourly, weekly and

monthly rates.  

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